Support for Families in Trauma -THE LEANING POST by Maggie Wright

Support for Families in Trauma -THE LEANING POST

Learn how other families survived, even  when they believed they never could. (Perhaps how you are feeling right now)  Learn from real life experiences using video and audio interviews, helpful suggestions and ideas from the individuals who have been there.


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Welcome and Introduction.
Mindfulness - Exercise - The Body Scan 4 (1).mp3
7 mins
Lesson 1 - Trauma - what is it?
What exactly is trauma then and how would I know if I had it?
Real Life Experiences - Video and Audio clips
Lesson 2 - What may be the impact of trauma?
Physical Impact on the body
Psychological Impact
Impact of Trauma on the Brain - animation
Theory of Loss and Grief - Elizabeth Kuhbler Ross
Summary of Module 2
A Wee note from Families in Trauma - The Leaning Post.pdf
2.11 MB
Module 3 - Reactions family and friends.
Why is it important to understand other's reactions?
Reactions of family .
Reactions of friends and colleagues
Video and Audio experiences of others
What can we do - is there any light at the end of the tunnel??
Summary of Module 3
Module 4 - What Support is Available?
Traditional Routes
Group Therapy
Private Therapy
Self Management Tools
Experiences - video/audio
Summary of Module 4
Module 5 - Safety Plans
What do we mean by a Safety Plan?
Summary of Lesson 5
My Safety Plan.pdf
109 KB
Module 6 - Why a Leaning Post and what can we learn from others??
Why a Leaning Post?
Wisdom From Experience
Relaxation for the Mind.
Summary of Module 6
Final Message from Maggie
Evaluation Survey
Sunset Photo - Reach out for help.pdf
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