Welcome, please come in......

Welcome to one and all - sincerely.  I know you will be looking for anything which may help your family survive and I truly hope you find something here, given the personal experience we have all had, at  Families in Trauma.  We are with you in thought and spirit.

Support for Families in Trauma -THE LEANING POST

A 6 Module  course - to help support you when you initially experience  trauma.  Learn from others experiences too through peer support
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Families in Trauma

Hi, my names Maggie and I'm the creator of our first peer support course online for families going  through trauma and struggling to find out how to cope. 

I do not exaggerate when I say I've been there and, still am sometimes, as it can be a long journey to get through.  But there are things we can do to help each other.

Often there will be a gap whilst you wait for help from mainstream services, and we hope to provide you with a leaning post whilst you wait.


So who exactly are we?

We are a group of individuals who have personally been affected by trauma in our own families.  We want to help alleviate the pain and suffering of others by providing helpful resources which have been designed by using the information gathered from others who have experienced similar trauma.

What kind of organisation are we?

We are a non profit social enterprise.  This means that we are aiming to be self sustaining - so as not to be reliant on grant funding.  Any funds we do raise are ploughed back into creating resources for families in trauma.

So where do we get our funding?

Initially our funding came from our own private business, where I contributed enough to start up the organisation a number of years ago.
Then, once a board and
Limited company were set up we have  secured small amounts of funding through grants.
We are still applying for grants, but our aim in 2020 is to  create an income stream from the digital courses we are designing.  We will have a mix of paid and free resources.  In this way we can become self sustaining, not grant reliant and return all profits into the organisation to create as many tools as we can to help families in trauma.

So what are our future aims?

To see a digital platform available any time of the day and night with resources to support families in trauma.  There are many many more people who need help and all the interviews and experiences we receive are all invaluable in creating resources for other people suffering trauma.